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Please print this form, sign it and bring it with you the day of your trip

Fossil Expeditions/Megalodon Expeditions Liability Release

I ______________________________ unconditionally release Fossil Expeditions/Megalodon Expeditions and itsí employees from any liability resulting in my participation in an expedition. I now, and forever hold Fossil Expeditions/Megalodon Expeditions and its employees harmless for any injuries, accidents, medical bills, loss of income, or even death incurred while enroute to, during or exiting said expeditions.

In addition I am fully aware that Fossil Expeditions/Megalodon Expeditions and its associates' participation in such expeditions is solely as a FACILITATOR, directing myself to locations where fossils may be found. I understand that expeditions take place in a untamed natural environment and there are inherent risks associated with any outdoor activity. During an outdoor expedition I understand that there are risks/dangers from insects, plants, animals, possible drowning, previous medical conditions, etc. I further affirm I am in reasonably good physical condition, and there are no pre-existing medical conditions that would preclude my participation in such expeditions.

Furthermore, I am aware my expedition may go rain or shine. Certain weather conditions that may be deemed hazardous will warrant a full refund. Hazardous weather would include thunderstorms accompanied by lightning, or unusually high water levels at the fossil collection location. Fossil Expeditions/Megalodon Expeditions will make the final decision to cancel any expedition due to weather at their discretion. I am also aware that any actions taken by myself or members of my party that jeopardizes the safety or well being of any member of the expedition party will result in the excursion to terminate, and I will forfeit any moneys paid due to my actions.

Signature __________________________________ Date ______________ (parent or Guardian)

Fossil Expeditions/Megaldon Expeditions representative ___________________________________